As Financial Planners the world needs to know what we stand for.

What do YOU really believe?

Here’s what I believe. I’ve tested it. It’s my highest truth.

"As Financial Planners we are here to serve our clients, NOT the Financial Services Industry. Our purpose is to help our clients GET and KEEP the life they want!"

This means:

  1. We must focus our service on helping clients get what THEY want (a better life) and not on helping the Industry get what IT wants (distribution / products sold).

  2. We need to put our clients LIVES at the very center of the conversation, not their money.

  3. (This is a biggie!) There is ONE FACT that no client can argue with: Life is NOT a rehearsal, precious time is slipping away. Clients know this, but they often forget. We need to remind them of this and to help and inspire them to DO STUFF in the time they have left on this planet.  HINT: Focus your service on this one undeniable fact. Your clients will thank you for it.

  4. Our purpose is to help clients get a better return on life, not just a return on their investments. We do this by helping them get the best life possible with the money they have.

  5. PROPER financial planning has nothing to do with financial products and investments. These are things we use - if necessary - AFTER we’ve done financial planning.  Clients really get this message. Most Advisors don't. So be different.

  6. Financial products are important, but they are not THAT important. They are simply tools in the bag to get the job done. Nothing to get excited about or waste too much time thinking about. The Industry thinks otherwise, of course. So again, we must think different.

  7. The best fund or product will never change a clients life, but proper life centered financial planning - delivered in an inspiring way, year after year - most definitely will.

  8. Clients won’t understand proper financial planning until they EXPERIENCE it. Then they’ll 'get it' and help us tell the world about it. Our job, is to help people EXPERIENCE it.

  9. To build a trusted profession we need to do all of the above. We need to do more than change our job title from financial advisor to financial planner. We have to change what we actually do. We have to work towards delivering proper financial planning to every client, every time. No excuses.

  10. We need to act NOW. If we fail to put the focus where it truly belongs, if the focus remains on products, investments and building AUM, then financial planning will undoubtedly end up with the same bad reputation that has plagued financial advisors. Sadly, in some countries this has already happened.

Right now we have a golden opportunity to build THE most trusted profession. But it's going to take a change of focus. It requires us all to get back to WHY we do our work.

"Our purpose is to help our clients GET and KEEP the life they want!”

This is my core belief. My highest truth.

What do you think?

Personally, I’ve tested it for true. Every which way I can. I can't break this belief. For me, it's unshakeable.

And it makes commercial sense! Clients tell me it’s what THEY want. It's what they've ALWAYS wanted. 🥳

But somehow, as a profession, we have failed to communicate and deliver this. Why? 🤔 Because we've been hypnotised by the industry to keep the focus on products and investments (and distribution thereof). This doesn't build trust. It doesn't build respect and it will NEVER build a trusted profession.

But what about YOU?

What do you want?

For you?

For your clients?

For the profession?

"The first step in de-hypnotising ourselves, is to realise that we’ve been hypnotised in the first place."

Richard Bach ~ Illusions - The Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah

Are you ready?

Are you ready to break the shackles of the Industry and adopt and communicate (really really well) a life centered lifestyle financial planning service proposition that you and your clients can truly and totally believe in? 

Need a little help? 

I'll send you two free books* to help you STAND OUT from the crowd by communicating a service that you and your clients can be proud of. *T&C apply. 

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About Paul Armson...

Paul helps financial advisors get their mojo back. He is the founder of Inspiring Advisers and the 'Lifestyle Financial Planning 7 Step Success System' and co-founder (with Mitch Anthony) of Life Centered Planners. He is also the founder of BACK2Y - The Lifestyle Financial Planning Conference.

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