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The 'Truth About Money' has nothing to do with financial products. It has everything to do with ensuring that clients can live the life they want without fear of ever running out of money - or dying with too much!

Sadly, because of their product and investment focus, most financial advisers fail to tell their clients what they need to know most.

Together we can change this.

Hi, Paul Armson here.

It's wake up time.

The facts are simple.

We're now moving to a world of increasingly explicit fees. What worked in the past won't work in the future. You can be as qualified as you like, but if your service proposition revolves around implementing financial products or relies on the performance of your client's money then, sooner or later, it is bound to fail. No one can predict or control the markets. Furthermore, financial and investment advice is fast becoming commoditised.

As clients gradually wake up to how much they are paying in fees - as they are now doing - they will question everything: your service, your charges, your performance. Everything. Meanwhile, some other Adviser out there, somewhere, will always offer to do what you do cheaper or better - or simply promise to deliver a better return than you. And, of course, many clients will find it easier and easier to take the 'Do It Yourself' option. It's just a matter of time.

Yes. It's definitely wake up time.

To secure your future, your service needs to focus, NOT on what the Financial Services Industry wants, but on what CLIENTS want. It needs to help clients get what THEY want, NOT what the Financial Services Industry wants. If you fail to deliver great client outcomes, sooner or later clients won't pay your fees. It's as simple as that.

If clients are already questioning your fees, keep reading...

The best way to secure your future is to do the complete opposite to what most Financial Advisers have done in the past. Instead, make sure your service revolves around your client, not their money.

Dedicate your service to helping your clients GET and KEEP the life they want. Make your service shine. Make your client feel like they are the centre of your world. Demonstrate, year after year, in an engaging and compelling way, how your service is helping them live a better life. Let them see it, feel it, experience it! Do this well and clients will trust you more, pay you more and refer you more. They'll also let you look after ALL their money - because they trust you. This means you can keep your 'financial solutions' - the money stuff - as simple, painless and risk free as possible.

More importantly, it means you can get your life back - and start living the life that YOU want! It's your life too remember!

That's why all across the UK, in Ireland, The Netherlands, Belgium, the US, Canada, Australia and South Africa too, smart Advisers are waking up to the golden opportunity that now lies before them - by offering their clients a completely different approach.

You can join them. Inspiring Advisers can help.

About me...

I left school at 16 and became a carpenter. From aged 18-22 I took myself to college four nights a week so I could become a Quantity Surveyor. Then, when I was 22, I saw an ad in a newspaper for a 'trainee financial consultant'. That's when I 'fell' into financial services.

So, I've been a Financial Adviser since 1982. In 1990 I discovered 'Lifestyle Financial Planning'. It gave me a purpose. It gave me a WHY. My confidence increased. I became more congruent. It revolutionised my business and changed my life. So much so I was able to fulfil my own 'Lifestyle goal' of semi retiring at age 45 to start sailing my yacht 'Spellbound' around the world.

Life's not a rehearsal. You have to walk your talk.

Now, when I'm not sailing, I help other advisers to create, promote and deliver a powerful Lifestyle Financial Planning service proposition. One that changes clients lives. It also changes advisers lives. It could change yours too.

After all, if I can do it, ANYBODY can do it!

Your next step...

If you would like to find out more about how Inspiring Advisers can help you nail your service proposition once and for all - and in the process get the fun back, just sign up for a no risk trial of Inspiring Advisers. You'll be joining a growing community of like-minded, success oriented advisers aiming to succeed at a higher level. You'll be most welcome.


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