If you’re a Financial Advisor, with soul, with spirit, with derring-do - AND £3.23 PER DAY - then what follows will help you KNOCK YOUR CLIENTS SOCKS OFF, DRAMATICALLY INCREASE YOUR REVENUES and EASILY get MORE of the RIGHT CLIENTS almost on… 


...while becoming a SUPER HERO in the lives of your clients!    

First, here's just one of many reasons why you should keep reading...

"I was a busy Financial Adviser doing a good job for people. Or, at least, that's what I thought!

Then I found Paul, who taught me his 'Inspiring Advisers' methodology. This changed everything for me - from just being a busy transactional IFA to a proper lifestyle financial planner delivering much more value to my clients. This drastically increased my profits year after year. It also allowed me to take at least 3 months off each year. Quite simply, Paul stopped me from being a busy fool!

Within 7 years of adopting Paul's Inspiring Advisers system, I was able to successfully sell my one adviser practice for a very high multiple. All due to the 'sticky' nature of our fee income - and all thanks to Paul's 'Inspiring Advisers' training. I highly recommend it.”

Iain Wishart, Edinburgh


Dear Friend,

I have available for you a 'system'. 

The Inspiring Adviser's Lifestyle Financial Planning 7 Step Success System. 

As you know, a ‘system’ that attracts and converts prospects into high value clients - predictably, consistently, and profitably - is the holy grail of most Financial Advisors. 

But, if you’re a Financial Advisor with some scruples, then you’d also want that ‘system’ to deliver a truly meaningful service, one that consistently delivers incredible benefits to your clients - one that helps them to get what they want most: a BETTER LIFE - not a better return.

But, there's a problem. 

Three, actually. 

Here they are…

First, this ‘system’ isn’t taught anywhere in the Financial Services Industry. 

It’s certainly not taught in ‘financial advisor school’ or in ANY financial planning training - or any Chartered or CFP® certification process. Fact is, most advisors have NEVER been taught a life-centered, client-focused ‘system’ that really works.

Second, creating a ‘system’ like that takes years and years. (And you probably don’t have years and years. You want to achieve results quickly).

Third, you can't help but wonder ... 

Even If There Was Such A ‘System’, Will It Really Work For You? Would it work for Your Business? Would it work in Your Situation? 

And if you're asking yourself that question right now, it means you're smart. 

And I'll tell you something most ‘gurus’ won't: 

There's no such thing as a "one size fits all" sales, marketing and advice ‘system’. And certainly not one for Financial Advisors.

Here's why:

You are different. 

As an Advisor, you have your own unique experiences, your own unique message, your own unique market that you're going after, your own unique price points, and, more importantly, your own unique personality.

Here’s the thing…

I know a thing or two about Financial Advisors!

We’re all different!

So why should you listen to me?

Here’s why. 

I have the ‘system’ you need.

I created the concept of Lifestyle Financial Planning in the early 90s because I was sick and tired of the traditional financial advice model. I was sick and tired of being a busy fool.

I created an ALTERNATIVE approach. One based on something profound... telling clients the Truth About Money

Clients said “Paul! This is what we’ve always wanted from an Advisor! Why don’t ALL financial advisors do this?”

So I told them how the Industry leads most financial advisors astray... how it makes advisors - and their clients - focus on the WRONG things.

Clients told me how much they loved my ALTERNATIVE 'Truth About Money' approach. They told me I was onto a winner - that I was... get this... their financial planning 'Super Hero'

So I turned my Lifestyle Financial Planning process into a ‘system’.

One which knocked clients' socks off, year after year.

Then I delivered it to every client, every time. No excuses.

This 'system' helped me to easily attract MORE of the RIGHT clients - the ones I wanted (highly profitable - and more importantly, nice people), and REPEL the ones that I didn't want (unprofitable and the pain-in-the-ass types). 

This highly profitable 'system' changed my life.

It enabled me to semi-retire, 12 years later, at the age of 45, with a million-pound ocean-going sailing yacht. (They tell me that's not bad for a Council House lad who left school at 16).

I don't state any of this to impress you - I have no need to impress anybody. I state this to provide some first-hand proof that this 'system' works.

Since I was 45, I’ve spent 6 months working and 6 months sailing my yacht, Spellbound, around the world. 

And here's why... and I want you to pay really close attention to this...

Because we only get one life!!!

It's NOT a rehearsal!

And that, my friend, is exactly what Lifestyle Financial Planning is all about!

That's what becoming a SUPER HERO in the lives of your clients is all about...

...helping clients to get the BEST LIFE POSSIBLE, with the money they have - before it’s too late! 

So there I am... 45... having the time of my life... walking my talk... living my dream...

Then something weird happened...

Other advisors started asking me about my ‘system’.

So I started to share it. At first, for free. To see if they too could get great results. 

They did. 

So then I started charging for it.

I’d get 10 advisors in a room for 5 days and charge them £5,000 each for my ‘system’. They tell me it was the best investment they ever made. Fact is, I should have charged them a lot more.

Since I semi-retired - when I've not been sailing - I’ve been training other Advisors how to use my ‘system’ to also become highly profitable ‘Lifestyle Financial Planners’. 

And now, because of technology, I can help a lot more advisors - all around the world - and charge them an awful lot less. 

You see... I’m on a mission to change the world of financial services for the better.

This means I’ve now been training advisors for over 15 years. Many of whom are now the most successful Lifestyle Financial Planners in the UK, and an increasing number are from all around the world.

I can provide you with HUNDREDS of testimonials as to how I’ve made a huge difference.

I can say this because I’ve met with, engaged with, argued with, drank with, laughed with, cried with, even swam naked with (long story!) quite a few Financial Advisors! From all walks of life; from all levels of experience; all sorts of ages, with all sorts of challenges.

And, by now, I can confidently say - pretty well for sure - that nearly every Advisor I meet can adopt and benefit from my ‘system’ and my ideas. 


By making them their own.

That’s the key. You have to make my ‘system’ and my ideas your own.

I think you’ll find that easy. 

How do I know?

Because you’ve been good enough to read this letter, thus far.

I know, we’re on the same page.

And, that’s why I’m going to let you try out my PROVEN Lifestyle Financial Planning 7 Step Success ‘System’ with NO RISK to you whatsoever.

Here's Why I’m Doing This. 

It’s simple.

Rather than try to convince you of how great my Lifestyle Financial Planning 7 Step Success System would be for you, I figured I'd just let you try it, all backed up by my guarantee.

Here's How We'll Do It. 

Enrol today and I'll Give You Immediate Access to the first THREE Modules and TWO FAST-START BONUS MODULES. 

So that way you can check it out for yourself. And, I believe that once you do this, one of these two things will happen: 

1. The first possibility is you’ll love it: you’ll immediately see the power and the potential this has for you as a Financial Advisor, and you’ll decide you want to stay involved as a month-by-month member of the Inspiring Advisers community and get access to all TEN life-changing Modules of my 7 Step Success System - plus a lot more in the process. You can then stay a member of Inspiring Advisers for as long as you like. 

So, if you do end up loving it, that’s great! I’ll be delighted!

2. The second possibility is you find it’s not for you - for whatever reason. If that’s the case all you’ll need to do is hit the ‘cancellation’ link on the FAQ page of the Member portal and your membership will be securely cancelled. It’s as simple as that.

No hard feelings. We had a fling. It didn’t work out. No problem.

But I’ll go one further. EVERYTHING YOU’VE DOWNLOADED you can keep, forever!

Here’s my guarantee... 

Check out Inspiring Advisers and the Lifestyle Financial Planning 7 Step Success System for a solid MONTH…. Download everything you can for a whole THIRTY DAYS….. Go through the lessons…Watch the videos… Put everything to work… Use the templates…Use the easy-to-adopt scripts…… in fact go ahead and use my highly effective methods to increase your fees… You can even download my THREE books…

And, if you’re not thrilled at the end of all that, you just let me know!

You will pay NOTHING!  I’ll give you an immediate refund - with absolutely no questions asked.


Remember, you’re getting access to everything online, so it’s not like you have to send anything back! Everything you’ve downloaded… Everything you’ve deployed… You can keep that for the rest of your life…

If you’re not satisfied for any reason, you really can keep everything.

100% Money-Back Guaranteed.


So, there you go. It’s really simple.

This will help you KNOCK YOUR CLIENTS' SOCKS OFF, DRAMATICALLY INCREASE YOUR REVENUES and EASILY get MORE of the RIGHT CLIENTS... all while becoming a Super Hero in the lives of your clients.

When you check it out, you can see for yourself. 

You can get a good ‘feel’ of whether my ‘stuff’ - my techniques, my ‘scripts’, my systems and processes, my templates, etc. will work for you. 

They don’t work for everybody, by the way - and that’s ok.

They certainly don’t work for Advisors with no spirit, no soul, and no derring-do! 😂

But, they might just work for you.

Just like they are doing for other ‘normal’ Advisors out there. 

When I say ‘normal’, I mean Advisors, who, up until now, have been doing a great job as Financial Advisors (whether Independent or Restricted, it doesn’t matter), they may even be good Financial Planners, but, through no fault of their own, they’ve never quite been fortunate enough to ‘discover’ the very best way to communicate and deliver Lifestyle Financial Planning.

But YOU HAVE now.

And that’s why you really must give it a go.

So, here’s what I’d like you to do.

You’ve read this letter. You know you want to achieve lasting success by delivering GREAT client outcomes, and you know that my Inspiring Advisers Online Coaching Programme is going to help you to do this, so, before it’s too late, take me up on my NO RISK 30 DAY TRIAL offer by clicking here: ENROL NOW

It’s just £3.23 per day - an investment any legitimate, financially sound Advisor should be easily able to afford. 

Anyway. Over to you.

Do it now, and in a few seconds, I’ll see you inside the Members area.

It will be great to have you on board.

An exciting future awaits you HERE


Paul Armson

Founder & CEO - Inspiring Advisers

Where good financial planners become GREAT!


Need a quick overview of what’s covered? 

Here you go:


✅ Welcome Module:

In the very first Module, I’ll show you what’s in store by introducing you to your Lifestyle Financial Planning Success Path. I’ll also quickly introduce you to a couple of people I'd like you to meet - two of the many great examples of members who have had incredible results with their membership of Inspiring Advisers. (Be warned, one is intended as a bit of fun, it’s a bit of a piss take of the financial advice ‘industry’! 😂)

👉 Here you can also download the digital versions of my two books, The 7 Habits of Highly Successful Financial Planners - How to really matter in the lives of your clients and ENOUGH? How Much Money Do You Need For The Rest of Your Life?


In these FAST START Bonus Modules, I’ll share with you some ideas, not only to whet your appetite, but these are ideas you can put to use IMMEDIATELY. 


👉 How to Quickly Take Control of your client meetings and avoid ‘The Transaction Trap’ (4 minutes)

👉 How to quickly build trust with prospects using the ‘I Can’t Guarantee Script’  (5 minutes)

👉 ‘The Killer Question’ to ask clients at the end of your first meeting. (4:40 mins)

👉 The ‘Financial INdependence Method and Script’  (5:43 mins)


👉 How to bring a REAL sense of urgency to your service (9 mins)

👉 How to build massive levels of rapport within 2 minutes of a new prospective client meeting. (6:25 mins)

👉 How to get much bigger investments using a simple and hilarious technique! (4:25 mins)

👉 How to avoid being sued!  Access my special report: The 7 Deadly Sins of Cashflow Modelling. (Most financial advisors who are using lifetime cashflow modelling / financial planning software are seriously leading their clients astray and WILL get sued. This report will make sure you are not one of them.)


Now, let’s look at the Step by Step Modules…


Module 1: ‘Getting the Right Mindset’

This Module focuses on the Mindset needed to really succeed as a Lifestyle Financial Planner. It will help you to think differently. It will help you to think BIGGER.

When you get the right mindset you will become re-inspired about your role as a Financial Advisor - and then the rest is easy!

But what is ‘The Right Mindset’? Well, you’ll soon see. 😉

I’ll show you how to think and communicate differently to most advisors - and leave them choking in your dust! 

Module 2: Understanding Lifestyle Financial Planning.

This Module explains exactly what Lifestyle Financial Planning IS, and what it IS NOT. (I should know. I conceived it!)

I'll teach you the key messages to tune in to and communicate. 

You’ll see why most advisors who claim to be ‘Financial Planners’ aren’t doing PROPER financial planning. And how you can use this to your advantage.

You'll see why Lifestyle Financial Planning is so necessary right now - and why there’s never been a better time! And you’ll learn why millions of people are so desperate for this type of service and will happily pay for it. 

This Module will look at the benefits to you, your clients and to your staff of communicating and delivering a consistent, joined up Lifestyle Financial Planning service proposition.

 Module 3: How to Pitch Your Service - So Clients Understand The REAL Value You Deliver

This Module is one of THE most important modules. But you need to understand the earlier modules first. 

This is about using the RIGHT WORDS at the RIGHT TIME to communicate your value and the benefits you can bring to the table.

This module will focus on how to successfully communicate Lifestyle Financial Planning - your powerful client value proposition to clients. It will show you how to demonstrate how your service revolves around your client's LIFE, not their money.

This will show you how to have your clients saying “WOW! This is what we’ve always wanted from an advisor!! Why don’t ALL financial advisors do this?!!!” And when they say that to you, you’ll have no trouble pitching your fees! 😉

I’ll teach you the best method of communicating proper financial planning to clients so they see why you are different and understand why they need YOU in their life - and why they should pay you extremely well for your service. 

I’ll also be introducing you to the concept of REAL Wealth Management. (Most advisors haven’t got a clue about this!)

I'll also be showing you the Top Ten Mistakes most Advisors make when trying to communicate their service - and how YOU can avoid them.

Module 4: Getting Bigger Fees

This Module will get you thinking differently about how you value yourself and your service. It will get you earning more money, faster. 

Better still, it will give you the confidence to turn down unprofitable clients, so you have time to get more of the profitable clients that you really want. 

Here’s the thing: it’s no good thinking Financial Planning sells itself. It won't. Clients won't understand proper Financial Planning until they experience it. And then, when they experience it, they'll get it.

So, we’ll be covering HOW, and more importantly WHEN do you communicate your fee? And what is your fee? What's your minimum? And why? 

This Module could help you double, triple or even quadruple your fee income within 12 months. Particularly when you start to feel more confident about the value that you are delivering.

Module 5: Fact Finding & Discovery Meeting Skills

One of the most important skills today is that of understanding your client through effective fact-finding and discovery. But very few Advisors have been taught how to do proper ‘life-centred’ fact-finding!

Most Advisors have been taught (by the Industry) how to do ‘Gap Finding’ not ‘Meaningful Fact Finding’. There’s a big difference.

I’m not talking about being all ‘touchy-feely’ and tree-huggy and asking awkward (sick-making) questions like some ‘gurus’ suggest. I’m talking about you KEEPING IT REAL and asking down-to-earth questions that clients just want to be asked!

This module will teach you my Fact Finding Discovery Meeting process. It will break down an inspiring client-focused Fact Finding process into easily adopted bite-size chunks. 

I’ll show you how to ask the RIGHT questions in the RIGHT order.

I’ll show you how to 'dig deeper’ with clients. This will help you to improve your soft skills, your questioning skills and your all-important listening skills. 

This Module will help you build greater levels of empathy and trust with clients …and all without coming across as 'weird', getting too touchy-feely - or, just as bad, getting sucked into talking about financial products. 

I’ll show you how to take charge of the client meeting so you become more confident, more congruent and more efficient as you lead clients down YOUR Lifestyle Financial Planning path to give them the outcomes that THEY want. (A better life, not a better return!) 

I’ll also provide you with sample Client Fact Finds and other downloadable scripts and templates.

Module 6: Delivering the Financial Plan

This Module will cover the Financial Planning meeting and how to create a ‘joined up’ experience for clients - so clients stay engaged in the Financial Planning process so that they take ownership of the plan ….and then take action. 

More importantly, done properly, you’ll see why this is where the incredible value you can add becomes really obvious to your clients. They will see that your service is really about their LIFE, not just their money!

👉 IMPORTANT: If you use any form of Lifetime Cashflow Modelling or Financial Planning Software, you need this Module. I was an early adopter of Cashflow Modelling software in 1990, and used it with every client, every time. It helped pay for my yacht! 😉

Since then, I have helped thousands of Advisors use their chosen software to knock their clients' socks off with PROPER financial planning.

I’ll show you how to get the best results out of your software and get an incredible return on your software licence fees!

Module 7: Segmenting Clients

FACT: most Advisors are just busy fools. They have too many clients they can’t really afford to look after. 

In this Module, I'll cover the importance of segmenting clients so that you can focus your resources on the clients that you can help the most and in turn who will make you the most money. 

I’ll show you how to elegantly ‘disengage’ from the clients that you no longer wish to look after or are just never going to be profitable clients. I’ll show you how to do this gracefully, WITHOUT upsetting them, without FIRING them, without suffering any clawbacks or risking being sued. It can be done. 

This Module will save you loads of time that you might currently waste by having too many unprofitable clients. It’s not complicated. You just need to know the simple steps to take - so you can get your life back.

Module 8: How to Get MORE of the RIGHT clients!

The secret to financial success in Financial Planning is having MORE of the RIGHT clients.

Not just so you make more money, but more importantly, so you create great systems and processes and end up with a peaceful life! You see, if you've got more of the RIGHT clients, you can then make sure you have LESS of the wrong clients! 

So, in this Module, I’ll share numerous PROVEN and PROACTIVE ways of getting more of the RIGHT clients. Again, it’s not complicated. You just need to know what to say, and how to say it. 

I’ll show you how to be a magnet to the type of clients you want, whilst gracefully repelling the ones you don’t want.

I’ll be covering referral scripts that work, prospecting techniques, and the use of social media, I’ll give you proven pre-approach letters and other marketing ideas. And, I’ll also share some of my secret marketing weapons, that are responsible for me having a million-pound yacht and being able to semi-retire at 45 to enjoy sailing it!

I’ll also show you how to use the member only version of my book, ENOUGH?’  to easily get more of the RIGHT clients. It's designed to sell your service for you, so you don't have to try too hard.

This Module alone is worth hundreds of thousands to you in extra revenue if you put these simple ideas into action.

Module 9: Annual Client Meeting Process

This module will cover the ongoing service proposition to clients, and what needs to happen at the 'Annual Forward Planning Meeting’. (Note I don’t say ‘Review Meeting’ that’s what other Advisors do. But that's NOT what you do when you are an Inspiring Adviser!  We deliver PLANNING. And planning is all about looking forward, not backward). 

It's about communicating a consistent message, year in and year out. That's how clients will trust you more and more, year after year, as your consistent ongoing service really helps them to get what they want out of life. 

This Module will show you how to really earn your ongoing fees and why clients will be more than happy for you to be paid well regardless of what happens to the value of their investments. 

This Module will also prove to you WHY and HOW you can keep the investment piece - and any financial products - as simple, painless and risk-free as possible.

This means you can take the focus OFF investments, performance and charges, you can STOP being a busy fool and you can get a quiet life - with real peace of mind for you AND your staff.

Module 10: Business Processes

In this Module, we'll be looking at refining your systems and processes, including your all-important back office support systems, so that everyone becomes efficient and Planners spend more time with clients. We'll also look at the important role para-planners play and what to look for when you are looking to employ a para-planner. There’s also some added bonus material from Michelle Hoskin of Standards International. Michelle is a renowned systems and processes expert and she shows how to get your back office absolutely nailed once and for all.

BONUS MODULE: Advisor Case Studies  

In this bonus module, I interview successful members of Inspiring advisers who also share their experiences, ideas, tips and techniques. They also share the mistakes they’ve made so you don’t have to make those same mistakes. 

You can also learn loads from members in the member-only webinar recordings.

So, remember, with Inspiring Advisers, you’re not just learning from me, but also other successful advisors at various stages of their Lifestyle Financial Planning journey. You are not alone!

BONUS MODULE: Client Case Studies  

In this bonus module, we’re going to look at some inspiring Case Studies of real clients…….whose lives were changed because they came to benefit from Lifestyle Financial Planning. These stories will inspire you to see what’s possible. And you’ll start to see possibilities everywhere, and you'll easily identify countless PERFECT clients who you KNOW you will be able to help with your new service offering.


Free membership of 'Inspiring Advisers and its incredible community

Video Interviews with successful Planners who also share their secrets of financial planning success

Big discounts off useful tools that help you deliver Lifestyle Financial Planning.

Access to the 'Members Only, Advisor Marketing Version' of my book ENOUGH? How Much Money Do You Need For The Rest of Your Life? Members tell me that this book is ‘The best financial planning marketing tool, ever.’ And, as a member, you can access bulk supplies of this book when you are ready. Just give it to clients, prospects and professional introducers and it will sell your service for you. It works like magic. (Inspiring Advisers member, Derek, from Dublin, tells me that this member-only book is directly responsible for over €1,000,000 of new revenues in just a few years.)

Access to Member Only Workshops and Live Webinars, 

Special Invite to my ‘unsponsored’ ‘BACK2Y - The Lifestyle Financial Planning Conference’ - now a members-only event.

And lot's more!

So what is the investment?

Full membership of Inspiring Advisers and the Online Coaching Programme is normally a one-off payment of just £2,497 (or your currency equivalent.)

But, using this link, you can check it out for yourself and get a NO RISK 30-DAY TRIAL of Inspiring Advisers and the Online Coaching Programme for just £97 per month (£3.23 per day). There's no lock-in period. You can cancel anytime. 

And don’t forget my guarantee... 


You can check out Inspiring Advisers and the Online Coaching Programme for a solid MONTH…. Download everything you can for a whole THIRTY DAYS….. Go through the lessons… Watch the videos… Put everything to work… Use the templates… Use the easy-to-adopt scripts… in fact, go ahead and use my highly effective methods to increase your fees… you can even download my three books…

And, if you’re not thrilled at the end of all that, just let me know!

You will pay NOTHING!  I’ll give you an immediate refund - with absolutely no questions asked.


Everything you’ve downloaded… Everything you’ve deployed… You can keep that for the rest of your life…

If you’re not satisfied for any reason, just let me know.

And yes, you really can keep everything.

100% Money-Back Guaranteed.

Now it's time to choose if you want in or not.

Still not convinced?
Here's what Anthony has to say...

"We came on board with Inspiring Advisers and adopted Paul's Lifestyle Financial Planning approach in 2014, and we haven’t looked back. It’s brought energy to our business and developed a sense of doing something incredibly worthwhile; helping change people’s lives in a positive way.

It really has changed everything.

We had set up our business five years earlier and grown quickly, we had great clients, a beautiful office in Marylebone and we were very profitable. But, something was missing. We weren’t enjoying work much, and we had done the same thing for twenty years. It was the financial advice equivalent of Groundhog Day. Every meeting seeming to focus on the latest thoughts on the stock market and what was going to happen to the Euro.

We were struggling to articulate why we were different.

In hindsight, that difficulty in articulation stemmed from the fact that there was no difference! We were doing the same as everyone else. Focusing too heavily on investments and tax planning. We felt frustrated. We felt bored of ourselves and we couldn’t see how we could take the business forward. We had the desire to change, but where and how to start? That's when we found Paul and Inspiring Advisers. It really did change everything." 

Anthony Villis, CFP®, Chartered Financial Planner ~ CEO, First Wealth, London ~ Chartered Financial Planning Firm of the Year 2021/22