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Here's what I'm sending you today...



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Hi, Paul Armson here. Here's what I'm sending you, for free, today...

The first thing I'm giving you will make sure you're never short of perfect clients ever again. It's my book ENOUGH - How Much Money Do You Need For The Rest Of Your Life.

It's written for clients.

It's now being referred to as the best financial planning marketing tool, ever! That's because this book explains and sells your financial planning service for you. You just give it to clients, prospects and professional introducers and let it work its magic. This book literally has folk picking up the phone demanding a financial planning service.

'ENOUGH' is not one of those boring books about money that nobody wants to read. It’s a fun and inspiring book about how your service helps clients to get a better life! It’s a quick and easy read which means people read it from cover to cover - and then they are inspired to take action - with YOU. As I say, it sells your financial planning service for you, so you don't have to.

So, when you receive your pack in the post, I want you to read this immediately and you'll quickly see how you can put it to work for you straight away.

The SECOND thing I'm sending you today is my book for advisers called The 7 Habits of Highly Successful Financial Planners. In this book I share some ADVANCED STRATEGIES that smart advisers everywhere are now putting to use to double, treble and in some cases quadruple their income by delivering better client outcomes. These advanced strategies are the exact same strategies that I used to build a significant income and semi retire at the age of 45 with a million pound ocean going sailing yacht and from that point forward spend 6 months sailing and six months working. I don’t say that to impress you, I have no need to do that. I say this to impress on you that this stuff works for any adviser who wants to succeed at a higher level. I left school at 16 to become a carpenter, so if I can do this, anybody can do it! It’s all explained in this book.

See, I'm guessing you're probably like me, you're passionate about the work you do and the effect financial planning can have on peoples lives. And that's why in this book I'll share with you some ninja tactics to help you communicate financial planning in a new way. These proven tactics will help you quickly take your business from where it is today to wherever you want it to be. And all without working any harder - just a whole lot smarter.

So wherever you are on your journey, whether you are successful seasoned pro, or whether you are just starting out - in fact, even if you’ve got no idea about how to communicate and deliver financial planning - the combination of this book here and this book here will help you sky rocket your success as a financial planner and quickly take your service to the next level.

That's all covered in these two books, which I just want to give to you - for free - today. The combined value of these books on Amazon is £30 but they are yours for free.

And the reason I'm giving you this for free is I want you to try out the THIRD thing I’m giving you today which is FREE access to my online coaching programme, Inspiring Advisers. I'd like you to try it out - for FREE - for a whole month.

Inspiring Advisers is an online coaching programme that can help any adviser anywhere take their financial planning service to the next level. Not only is it a fast growing global community of financial planners it also provides access to my proven 'Financial Planning 7 Step Success System'.

It includes my 'DIFFERENTIATOR positioning system' - which shows you how to quickly and easily differentiate yourself from other advisers.

It includes my 'Sell the Sizzle' Financial Planning Success Formula which shows you how to explain and sell your service so prospects and clients say “WOW! Why don’t all financial advisers do this?” And of course when clients say that to you you’ll have no problem pitching your fees - or getting referrals!

And, on the subject of fees, it also includes my ‘How to Pitch Bigger Fees’ Formula! It shows you how to easily ask for, receive and KEEP receiving much bigger fees because of the immense value you deliver.

You'll also get access to my 'Trust Builder' Digging Deeper Fact Finding System. It shows you how to build better relationships by asking great questions so you can identify and then provide what clients REALLY want!

And it also includes my 'WOW Factor' Financial Plan Delivery System that shows you how to deliver a compelling financial planning EXPERIENCE - time after time after time.

Plus, I’m guessing you could do with more of the right clients. So you'll also get access to my 'Pro-Active Client Attraction System' which shows you how to do exactly that - secure your future by getting MORE of the RIGHT clients. That's all covered in my Inspiring Advisers online coaching programme.

Plus you'll also get the Stress Free Client Service Formula which shows you how to delight your clients year after year in return for a highly profitable and PEACEFUL life.

The results you will get....

The result of all of this for your clients is they end up with the sort of service that you’re proud of - one that helps them get the life they want with total financial clarity and peace of mind - all thanks to your amazing service.

The benefit to you is you get the life that YOU want: more job satisfaction, more time, more money, and more freedom. You become more confident, more congruent and you feel great about the work you do.

That's what this is all about.

And that's not all. Because, as a member of Inspiring Advisers you'll also learn, first hand from fellow members and the advisers that I interview - and from live webinars - what other advisers have done to grow their business 5X. You'll get access to the exact same templates and scripts, the exact same strategies that they're using to transform their business and their life.

You’ll also hear from Chartered and Certified financial Planners who freely admit that Inspiring Advisers was the missing piece of their jigsaw. And it could be the missing piece of the jigsaw for you too.


What I want to do is I'd like to send this to you today, all for free - a copy of ENOUGH - that will inspire clients, prospects and professional introducers to do business with you like never before - PLUS The 7 Habits of Highly Successful Financial Planners - all I ask is you help me out with the shipping.

You're also going to get - for free - your first month membership of Inspiring Advisers where you'll pick up tons of tips from me and other successful financial planners to take your business to the next level - one months membership and access to the 7 Step Success System all for free.

Then it's really easy! If you like it, GREAT, stay a member.

And if you don't like it? Well you just let us know and you'll never pay a single penny. You don’t even have to talk to us to cancel, you can just click on a link in the FAQ page.

And guess what? If you cancel, you don't even have to send anything back. These are yours to keep.

So this is really the most risk free proposition you can imagine - 'Enough' plus 'The 7 Habits' - plus a whole month of free membership of Inspiring Advisers with access to the Inspired Adviser Seven Step Success System - all sent to you for free - you just help me out with the cost of shipping. All the risk is on us.

Sounds like a square deal to me. I'm sure it sounds like a square deal to you, so go ahead and grab your copy today. We've got limited copies available - so go ahead and I look forward to welcoming you as a trial member of Inspiring Advisers.

See you soon. 



* Just help out with the shipping and handling.




* Just help out with the shipping and handling.

"Being a member of Inspiring Advisers has given me clarity about what I'm trying to do! It has brought consistency and profitability to our client on-boarding and review (forward planning) process, but most importantly, it's reminded me Why!"

Sharon Sutton
Chartered Financial Planner, Managing Director, Thornton Associates Isle of Man and President Elect of The Personal Finance Society

"My harsh reality is that up until now I have just been a transactional adviser - there’s no way to sugar coat it. But Paul, I have just finished your first two modules and it’s bloody awesome stuff. I feel a total since of liberation! Should I ever meet you, my inclination will be to hug you. For now a very understated THANK YOU!"

David O'Neill
QFA BBS Ireland

"Paul, I have been an Adviser for 20 years now, the past 8 under my own business, and this is the first time I have had the confidence that comes from really understanding what clients want and what my role and value proposition really should be, and, thanks to you, I find I have discovered a renewed enthusiasm for what I do. Needless to say, I have made a decision that, from now on, all clients will be going through the full PROPER Financial Planning Process"

Peter Cashman Dip FP. CFP®
New South Wales, Australia

"Really enjoying the Online coaching! It's definitely helping us to re-focus and re-engineer our client proposition for 2013 and beyond. We're now starting to see some real tangible outcomes from adopting many of your ideas. Needless to say your approach is inspirational!!"

Paul Woods
Imagine FP, Harrogate

"Your online course is absolutely everything you said it would be. In fact it's is a lot more than I expected and is worth every penny. In the two months so far I have become infinitely more confident in presenting what I do for clients, confidently explaining what my fee is (much larger than what I used to embarrassingly ask in return for my service). Thank you!!"

Graeme Macmillan
Macmillan Financial Planning Ltd, Highlands, Scotland

"Inspiring Advisers Online has been of immense value to me. It is fair to say that it has changed the way I work and all for the better."

Neil Rossiter
CFP and Chartered Financial Planner, Director, Blackdown Financial

"Powerful stuff!!!! Loving it... Business through the roof in just one month... Cheers!"

Chris Guttridge
True Potential

"I have seen now the first 4 Modules of your online coaching. My expectations are exceeded by far! What a great concept and valuable and client focused content. WOW!!! I have seen, read and heard a lot in the last 20 years as a financial advisor, but your work is truly outstanding. It is very inspiring to me to put into my business!!! Best wishes from Germany!"

Michael Rehberger
Geschäftsführer Dipl.-Wirtschaftsingenieur (FH)Zertifizierter Erbschaftsplaner (EAFP)

"I have to give you credit for inspiring me to make the leap. Now, with a lifestyle planning practice, I understand my value is in service and advice, not investment performance or product offerings. I’m still working toward building my business but any success that comes will in part be due to your inspiring message. I hope to thank you in person some day."

Jim MacKay CFP®
MacKay Financial Planning, LLC Spingfield, Missouri, USA


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