"The BEST Financial Planning Marketing Tool, EVER!"

'ENOUGH' is the perfect tool for promoting proper financial planning to clients, prospects and professional introducers helping you get more referrals and attract more of the right clients. It also explains why clients should pay you well for your service.

"Sometimes I struggle to articulate what we really do for clients - but this book has nailed it!"

Iain Wishart CFP, Wishart Wealth Management, Edinburgh

"I've been using ENOUGH for a few years now, and finally, after 30 years in Financial Services I've finally had the confidence to step out on my own and start my own business! All because I know that I'll never be short of ideal clients ever again, all thanks to ENOUGH!"

Andy Bennett ~ Hartcliff Lifestyle Financial Planning


ENOUGH - How Much Money Do You Need For The Rest Of Your Life?

The new book by Paul Armson

'ENOUGH' sells your service - so you don't have to!

Nothing explains and inspires people about proper financial planning like 'ENOUGH'. It talks the reader through the importance of living life to the full, whilst ensuring that you don't run out of money - or die with TOO MUCH! It's written in an easy to read inspiring style, with the focus on 'Life's Not A Rehearsal' and states in the introduction:

"You’ll find this book to be a quick read - and that is deliberate. I want it to be the first book about money that you feel inspired to read from cover to cover."

A few excerpts....

Increases client confidence, helping you to differentiate your service and easily pitch your fees

Throughout the book, it inspires the reader to take action and talk with a proper financial planner. It educates them so they understand WHY they should pay you well for the incredible service you can provide to help them get what they want out of life


Because small business owners can be perfect clients for financial planners, a dedicated chapter explains the opportunities available and the benefit of working with a Lifestyle Financial Planner. Working alongside Accountants as Professional Introducers becomes easy as they quickly recognise the benefit to them of passing the book to their clients.

ENOUGH helps you to get MORE of the RIGHT clients

The closing words of the book....

This is a great place to put your CTA that you have been building towards in your video.


"Sometimes I struggle to articulate what we really do for clients - but this book has nailed it!"

Iain Wishart
Wishart Wealth Management, Edinburgh

"I am still having great responses and feedback from the books and had a very interesting meeting yesterday as a result of giving the book to a connection. She then recommended it to a third party who also requested a meeting with me!"

Andy Bennett
Hartcliff Lifestyle Financial Planning

"I just needed to share with you this message from an accountant... "Martin, I am 36 pages into this book but I would like to book in with you ASAP if possible? Everything Paul is describing is my life so far! Do you have anytime free this week? Thank you so much!" Result! The book is opening doors much better than I could, thank you!"

Martin Saunders
IMS Wealth


Do you want to get MORE of the RIGHT clients? Do you want a simple low cost 'door opener' to warm up cold prospects? Do you want something for clients to share with others? How about the perfect gift to accountants - for them to give to their clients as a form of introduction for you. Here it is. ENOUGH! Order your books now.


See the endorsements that are contained throughout the book where you will quickly see how the author SELLS YOUR SERVICE FOR YOU!