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What could YOU possibly learn... from THIS idiot?

It was too late. I couldn't stop it happening.

What caused me to fall?

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Who's That Behind The Mask??

NOTE: This article was published just prior to the Corona Virus COVID-19 outbreak.  It is more relevant now than ever. On social media I have witnessed way too many advisers suffer the stresses and dire consequences of wearing... the mask!

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Financial Planner? What do you REALLY believe?

As Financial Planners the world needs to know what we stand for; what we believe in. What do you really believe?

Here's what I believe. I've tested it for true. It's my highest truth...

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Are YOU a Crazy One?

Here's to the Crazy Ones... a little video celebrating another great year for Inspiring Advisers members in the UK and overseas! All of them Misfits, Rebels. The CRAZY ones who see things differently!

A special shout out to Nick Lincoln, Alan Smith, Anthony Villis, Mitch Anthony, Andy Hart, Kris Dureau, Debra Morrison and many others in the vid!!

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Change is hard. But what if your life depended on it?

It was mid-November and Lynn and I were sailing back from the Greek Islands to Sicily. The wind had just died, leaving a bumpy sea, and we were motoring approximately 100 miles offshore.

Suddenly there was a loud bang...

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Differentiate... or Die! [VIDEO]

This is the recording of Paul's presentation to a packed audience at the PFS 'Festival of Financial Planning' held at the NEC in Birmingham, UK, in November 2017. It's about getting focused on what matters most so you survive and prosper in the years ahead....

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Have you heard? There's a Perfect Storm brewing...

Whether you like it or not, there is a PERFECT STORM brewing: MiFID II, increased FCA scrutiny on fee models, forthcoming bear market, increasing consumer awareness, robo-advice. And now...

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It's all about R.O.L - NOT R.O.I.

Daniel Pink famously said 'If a picture is worth a thousand words, a metaphor is worth a thousand pictures'. I’m not sure what you get when you combine an image with a metaphor, but this is definitely priceless. What follows is one of those gold dust messages that you can use with your clients...

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Everyone is lonely. So connect!

In this fast paced world, a world of distraction - fuelled by email and social media - could it be that the one thing we crave most, we're just not getting? REAL, meaningful connection.

Take the standard greeting as an example: "How are you today?" How often do we ask that question? And how often are we actually interested in the answer!?

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The Grim Reaper & the power and purpose of PROPER Financial Planning

I confess. I was sailing. Too busy to bother with Twitter, or Facebook. So, as often happens, I miss the news. I don't stress. Life goes on. But I received the following in my inbox this morning. It sums up the events of the last few weeks quite nicely - and serves as a perfect reminder of what we should be doing for our clients.

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The Sexiest Job In The World?

A short while ago, I was presenting at a Conference, I reminded the audience: "Helping people to get what they want! That’s what we do for people!!" But then, as often happens, a crazy thought found its way into my head...

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"Being a member of Inspiring Advisers has given me clarity about what I'm trying to do! It has brought consistency and profitability to our client on-boarding and review (forward planning) process, but most importantly, it's reminded me Why!"

Sharon Sutton
Chartered Financial Planner, Managing Director, Thornton Associates Isle of Man and President Elect of The Personal Finance Society

"My harsh reality is that up until now I have just been a transactional adviser - there’s no way to sugar coat it. But Paul, I have just finished your first two modules and it’s bloody awesome stuff. I feel a total since of liberation! Should I ever meet you, my inclination will be to hug you. For now a very understated THANK YOU!"

David O'Neill
QFA BBS Ireland

"Paul, I have been an Adviser for 20 years now, the past 8 under my own business, and this is the first time I have had the confidence that comes from really understanding what clients want and what my role and value proposition really should be, and, thanks to you, I find I have discovered a renewed enthusiasm for what I do. Needless to say, I have made a decision that, from now on, all clients will be going through the full PROPER Financial Planning Process"

Peter Cashman Dip FP. CFP®
New South Wales, Australia

"Really enjoying the Online coaching! It's definitely helping us to re-focus and re-engineer our client proposition for 2013 and beyond. We're now starting to see some real tangible outcomes from adopting many of your ideas. Needless to say your approach is inspirational!!"

Paul Woods
Imagine FP, Harrogate

"Your online course is absolutely everything you said it would be. In fact it's is a lot more than I expected and is worth every penny. In the two months so far I have become infinitely more confident in presenting what I do for clients, confidently explaining what my fee is (much larger than what I used to embarrassingly ask in return for my service). Thank you!!"

Graeme Macmillan
Macmillan Financial Planning Ltd, Highlands, Scotland

"Inspiring Advisers Online has been of immense value to me. It is fair to say that it has changed the way I work and all for the better."

Neil Rossiter
CFP and Chartered Financial Planner, Director, Blackdown Financial

"Powerful stuff!!!! Loving it... Business through the roof in just one month... Cheers!"

Chris Guttridge
True Potential

"I have seen now the first 4 Modules of your online coaching. My expectations are exceeded by far! What a great concept and valuable and client focused content. WOW!!! I have seen, read and heard a lot in the last 20 years as a financial advisor, but your work is truly outstanding. It is very inspiring to me to put into my business!!! Best wishes from Germany!"

Michael Rehberger
Geschäftsführer Dipl.-Wirtschaftsingenieur (FH)Zertifizierter Erbschaftsplaner (EAFP)

"I have to give you credit for inspiring me to make the leap. Now, with a lifestyle planning practice, I understand my value is in service and advice, not investment performance or product offerings. I’m still working toward building my business but any success that comes will in part be due to your inspiring message. I hope to thank you in person some day."

Jim MacKay CFP®
MacKay Financial Planning, LLC Spingfield, Missouri, USA

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